Itamar Eichner: Protests erupt in Kiev against renaming main street after SS officer

Ynetnews News – Protests erupt in Kiev against renaming main street after SS officer – In October 2009, the Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko even gave Shukhevych the title of hero of Ukraine, even though he took part in an ethnic cleansing.

The decision was passed by the city council on June 1 with a majority of 69 out of 120.

The mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, did not support the decision but did not object to it either, even though his Jewish grandmother was one of those whom General Vatutin had liberated from the Nazis.

In the past two weeks, Klitschko has been under heavy pressure to veto the decision and not to change the name of the street, but so far he has refused to intervene. The decision is due to take effect in the coming days.

This move drew the ire of many of Kiev’s citizens.

On social networks, it won the name “National Day of Shame.” A few days ago, hundreds of people demonstrated in front of the statue of General Vatutin in the center of Kiev, standing above his grave, calling for the name of the street not to be changed. Most of the demonstrators were World War II veterans who shouted “shame.”

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