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[An undercover probe by the Record and investigative website The Ferret secretly filmed a Scottish Dawn activist admitting their links to National Action.] // Banned neo-Nazi group involved in terrorism behind new right-wing organisation recruiting in Scotland – Daily Record – We filmed two Scottish Dawn members after setting up a meeting in a pub following email conversations.

The men used the false names Fraser and John to protect their real identities. But we identified “Fraser” as McKim via the mobile phone number he provided.

It led us to the website of WB Stonemasonry, a firm based in East Lothian, where he was listed as managing director. These details were removed after we contacted McKim to ask for a comment.

This week marks the first 
anniversary of the murder of 
Jo Cox, who was stabbed and shot by far-right extremist Thomas Mair.

National Action celebrated the Labour MP’s death in social media posts and praised the killer’s actions.

They later adopted the slogan “Death to traitors, freedom for Britain!” – which was Mair’s declaration when asked to give his name in court.
Unite Against Fascism said: “It is clear that the people behind Scottish Dawn are hate-filled Nazis. The group might be small just now but they are working with the Scottish Defence League, trying to build a movement, and that makes them dangerous.”

Scottish Dawn did not respond to our requests for a comment.

When we contacted McKim by phone, he cut off our reporter without commenting.

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