Fantasma di Tresca: The assassination of the Rosselli brothers

The_assassination_of_the_Rosse2017-06-11_20-41-56.pngThe assassination of the Rosselli brothers – [ ] – The immediate aftermath of the Rossellis’ death was sensational. It was estimated that the funeral had over 100,000 attendees. However, what was not clear was who the assassins were. The fascist press tried to link it to leftist in-fighting. At that time, this claimed seemed reasonable due to murder of Berneri by Stalinists in Spain. Regardless, it soon became clear that the Cagoule were behind it. In fact – they had been stalking the Rossellis for months. An investigation went on, and members of the clandestine organization were arrested. Unfortunately, the French courts could not find a connection to the Italian state, and when the Édouard Daladier government came to power, the case was halted to ease tensions between Mussolini and the French state.

With the opening of the Fascist archives, solving the mystery of why the Cagoule committed this assassination became clear. First and foremost the Cagoule would receive, “one hundred semi-automatic Beretta rifles.” The Cagoule desired a violent right-wing coup of the French government, these weapons would help. On top of that, they sought after an alliance with the Fascist Italian government. A state official, Filipo Anfuso, served as the middle man between the Cagoule and Mussolini’s son-in-law, Count Galeazzo Ciano, the Foreign Minister of Italy. Since this was close to Mussolini’s inner circle, the possibility of the Duce calling the order himself is most likely.

Like many anti-fascists before and after them, the Rossellis – especially Carlo – were willing to pay the ultimate price for freedom and what they believed was right. This moral outlook derived from an ethical synthesis from the best of western thought. Like others in the libertarian socialist tradition, they insisted that ethical and moral values must intertwine with politics and political theory. That is what led them to be anti-fascists. Their martyrdom ought to inspire anti-fascists for the generations to come.

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