Against Alt-Right and Anti-Muslim Terror: June 10th

Against Alt-Right and Anti-Muslim Terror: June 10th – It’s Going Down – [By
It’s Going Down – June 6, 2017] – These demonstrations are also happening against a backdrop of both a rise in attacks, killings, and acts of terror by the Alt-Right, as well as continued acts of terror abroad carried out by ISIS. As anarchists, we see the ideological parallels of both of these groups, as they both represent an authoritarian form of social, economic, and political organization. As anarchists, we are part of a movement that is fighting and at times dying in solidarity with our comrades in Rojava and Syria against ISIS, a fight that involves many Muslims who are also in struggle to rid the Islamic State from their lands. This perspective allows us to see anti-Muslim attacks and Islamophobia for what they are: an attempt to create an internal enemy to bolster the ranks of the far-Right and play off fears nurtured by the elites.

Western governments are also using continued ISIS attacks to push for the ramping up of surveillance and repression at home, while relying on various authoritarian regimes in the Middle East to bring stability to US economic and political interests. If the “War on Terror” has shown us anything, it’s that continued repression at home and wars abroad won’t make us safer – but they can get us killed. Meanwhile, the ongoing proxy wars and occupation of the Middle East by Western powers leads to the growth of groups like ISIS, creating a continuous cycle of terror, occupation, imperialism, and repression that benefits no one but corporations and governments, be they the Islamic or United States.

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