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Stjepan Filipović: everlasting symbol of anti-fascism – [Posted By
BratBrat // May 23 2017 19:06] – Short account of the execution of Croatian communist partisan Stjepan Filipović by the Nazis in 1942, which was made famous by his final act of defiance.

At some point, in the UN building in East River, a photo taken in 1942 in the Serbian city of Valjevo was exhibited, showing the Croatian partisan Stjepan Filipović under the Nazi gallows. Just seconds before he was to be hung by the aggressors and their collaborators , the man convicted to death defiantly thrust his hands out into the air and shouted: “Death to Fascism! Freedom to the people!” This moment will echo in eternity.

Stjepan Filipović was hanged ten minutes before the scheduled deadline on May 22nd 1942. Whilst dragged through the central streets of Valjevo by the Nazis, Filipović shouted vigorously: ”Long live the liberators of the people! Down with the Fascists and the quisling collaborators! Long live communism!”. With a tight noose around his head, with arms held high Filipović delivered his final words to the surrounding and forcely gathered crowd: ”What are you waiting for? Why are you allowing this? Grab those rusty rifles and free your country from this scum! Long live our liberating army and our allies!”. One German soldier punched Filipović with the stock of his rifle in order to silence him. Filipović tried to kick him, lost his balance, stool on which he stood fell a part, the noose tightened even firmly under his weight. Thus, practice of giving convicts final words before execution ended in the occupied Serbia.

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