#WhiteSupremacist #Terrorism in the #UnitedStates

This_mixed_race_family_didn_t_2017-06-06_13-12-26This mixed race family didn’t ‘see color.’ Then police said a white supremacist killed their son | OregonLive.com – “You can’t hate a race because you’re all of them,” Natasha Bruce told the kids. “Unless it’s red and gold or blue and green, we don’t see color.” But other people do. In August, their youngest died after a hit-and-run that prosecutors now consider a hate crime. Larnell Bruce Jr. was 19 years old, black and Latino. Police say a couple with ties to white supremacist gangs argued with Bruce outside a Gresham convenience store — and then chased him with their jeep as he walked away, running him down. Activists nationwide pointed to his death as further proof of an American race crisis. They compared him to Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin, to the more than 160 black men killed nationwide by police this year. Larnell Bruce briefly trended on Twitter. And then another young black man was killed, and the country’s attention shifted to the next in what activists see as a seemingly endless series of racially motivated killings. The house divided by football was left to reckon with its racial differences. “I don’t blame the whole white race,” Larnell Bruce Sr. assured his wife, but the 51-year-old admitted feeling more aware of his skin color than ever before. The youngest daughter, half white and part Latino and black, was angry at Donald Trump and his supporters, at institutional racism and people who believed it didn’t exist. She fought online with Facebook friends, most of whom, her mother couldn’t help notice, were white.

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