The #USMarine Corps has a Problem with Organised #Racists and neo-Nazis


Corps condemns Marines’ behavior – News – The Times-News – Burlington, NC

Marines arrested at pro-Confederate rally with white nationalist regalia – [] – Sgt. Michael Chesny is an explosive ordnance disposal technician based at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point and Staff Sgt. Joseph Manning is stationed at the Marine Corps Engineer School at Camp Lejeune, according to officials.

The Times-News first reported on Saturday that the two Marines were arrested on May 20 after allegedly climbing a building and unfurling a banner with a quote from George Orwell’s novel “1984” and the letters “YWNRU,” which reportedly stand for “You will not replace us,” a slogan associated with the white nationalist group Identity Evropa. The two Marines were released later that day on $1,500 bond.

The incident occurred in Graham, North Carolina, about 175 miles inland from Jacksonville and Camp Lejeune. The two Marine NCOs allegedly hung the banner on a building on the town’s main street before a local “Confederate Memorial Day rally,” the newspaper reported.





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