Grays Harbor #NativeAmerican Man Killed By Eurosettler w/ Truck

Native American Man Dead After Being Run Over By Driver | Teen Vogue: On May 27, 20-year-old Jimmy Kramer and his friend Harvey Anderson, 19, were run down by unknown assailants at a camp site in Washington State, an incident that left Jimmy dead and Harvey hospitalized. Both young men were members of the Quinault Indian Nation — and leaders of the tribe are concerned the act was racially motivated.

The Seattle Times reported that Jimmy, a father of twin toddlers, and friends were camping at the Humptulips River when a man identified by witnesses as white and driving a white Chevy truck, began harassing the young men and was “spinning doughnuts and driving aggressively” at about 1:30 a.m., according to Lieutenant Brad Johansson of the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office.

Arrest made in deadly hit & run at Grays Harbor Co. campground | KOMO – The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s said the arrest came after a tip from a Hoquiam police officer who knew the suspect.

The suspect is accused of running over two people with a pickup truck at the campground in the Humptulips area early Saturday morning.

20-year-old Jimmy Smith-Kramer of Taholah died of his injuries. Another 19-year-old Aberdeen man also had critical injuries.

The sheriff’s office said the suspect’s white 4×4 truck has also been located and seized as evidence.

Investigators said it all started about 1:30 a.m. Saturday. Campers were upset because a pickup truck was doing doughnuts on a gravel bar in the campground.

Young father run down, killed in Grays Harbor County campground confrontation | The Seattle Times – The truck’s driver — described as a white, in his 30s with dark hair and a neatly trimmed beard — then started targeting campers and “backed over” Smith-Kramer and his friend, Harvey Anderson.

“The witnesses there felt (the driver) was intentionally trying to run these subjects over,” Johansson said. “This was willful.”

The Quinault tribe disputed at least part of that account.

“A rock was not thrown at the suspect’s truck until after two men had been run over,” a tribal news release issued Sunday stated.

The tribe’s press statement added the driver “was screaming racial slurs and war whoops when he ran over the two tribal members.”

Smith-Kramer died Saturday night at Tacoma General Hospital. Anderson, 19, of Aberdeen, was released from the hospital Sunday, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Man arrested in Grays Harbor County fatal hit-and-run; deputies say they don’t see race as factor | The Seattle Times – The arrest came as deputies continued to investigate the incident that left one Quinault tribal member, Jimmy Smith-Kramer, dead, and another injured. Earlier Tuesday, the Sheriff’s Office reported that no evidence had been found to indicate race was a factor in what occurred at the campground, despite a strongly worded statement issued by the tribe.

“We haven’t found one person, including the surviving victim, who has been able to tell us that there were any racial slurs thrown out there during this incident,” Grays Harbor County Undersheriff Daves Pimentel said Tuesday.

But the tribe was standing by its statement.

Racist White Man Allegedly Runs Over 2 Native American Men, Killing 1 – Carbonated.TV – The Quinault Indian Nation is standing by its argument that a white male in his mid-30s with dark hair and a cropped beard, intentionally ran over 20-year-old Jimmy Smith-Kramer and 19-year-old Harvey Anderson, killing Smith-Kramer in the process.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of May 27 at Donkey Creek Campground near Hoquiam, Washington, where a group of Quinault tribal members were celebrating Smith-Kramer’s 20th birthday, when a white truck came upon them. The driver started spinning doughnuts around the campsite but when some of the campers told him to stop, the situation escalated.

A scuffle between the driver and the campers erupted during which the white man reportedly backed up toward the camp, running over two Native Americans on a gravel bar. He then drove quickly off leaving the two campers grievously injured on the ground.

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