State of Disunited States Report:

There is now a fully-realized fascist social movement in this country. It is not anchored in one party or organization, and it is still amorphous, diverse, and in formation. But it is fully here now.

In this last astonishing week alone we have seen a white supremacist murder in Maryland, and a double-murder in Portland. There was a racist knife attack in Northern California, and two members of the Quinault nation were run down by a truck in Washington, killing one. Professor Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor was just forced to cancel public talks because of over fifty death threats.

The targeting, threatening, and mobilized doxxing of organizerss, activists, professors, and others has been building steadily for over a year now – gaining momentum through various circuits: internet bulletin boards, public talks by white nationalists, right-wing and libertarian campus organizations, militia groups, the traditional resonance machine of cable television and talk radio, and the GOP itself.

This is – and has been since before the election – one of the most dangerous aspects to Trump’s rise.

We have to stop dismissing talk of neo-fascism as hysterical, overblown, or somehow more European than American. It is nourished by deep strains in US political culture, and made possible by the current arrangement of political, institutional, and economic forces. And we will now be forced to deal with it whether Trump stays or goes.

— Joe Lowndes

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