Another view of the alt-Reich

eu.ixquick-proxy.com_2016-06-14_09-18-42Inside the Head of Dylann Roof, Jihadist for White Hate: [] The catch is that this terrorist is Dylann Roof, who is not a Muslim. He is the young white supremacist who murdered nine black men and women in a Bible study group at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, one evening in June 2015. And because his atrocity does not fit into the category of “radical Islamic terror,” it’s often assumed his way of thinking must be very different from other lone wolves. As terrorism authority Peter Bergen points out in his book, United States of Jihad, “By any reasonable standard, the attack on the church in Charleston was terrorism,” but it did not “fit into the political and media narrative that… Muslim militants are the major terrorist problem in the United States.” As a result, the importance of what can be learned from Roof’s psychological profiles has largely been missed, starting with the fact that while he did not embrace the doctrines of Islam or jihad, he compared himself to those who did, and saw himself very much in the mold of a holy warrior for his own cause. James C. Ballenger M.D., who conducted multiple interviews with Roof to judge his competency to stand trial and participate in the death penalty hearing that came after it, wrote in January in a just-unsealed evaluation that Roof “stated the best way he has found to explain his thinking is the analogy of being a Jihadist.”

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