Soon after Richard Spencer was TKO’d outside Trump’s inauguration, 4chan’s politics den IDed Ray Bailey as the puncher and started doxxing. Just one problem: He’d been dead 422 days.

White Supremacists Thought They Found Richard Spencer’s Puncher. Turns Out He Was Dead.

“He was happy with his baseball games and his drink,” she said. “He had no political views whatsoever.”

Then there was the day in 2014, shortly after the last bondage pictures they shot together, he told her about the golf ball-sized tumor his doctor found. It was then that Bailey’s sessions with Flores, which Bailey had uploaded to a Twitter account and later were made into the meme collage, had to stop. A year after that, she would find out he had died.

Word of Bailey’s death, which had happened two years ago, didn’t reach alt-right and white supremacist sites like The Daily Stormer fast enough. Or maybe they didn’t want it to.

This was, after all, too perfect. Alt-right and white supremacist trolls had been calling any person who disagreed with their views “cucks,” short for cuckolds, for the last two years. Now, an actual cuckold had miraculously become public enemy No. 1.

“All in all, he was good-hearted with some pretty different fetishes, but nothing that would ever hurt anyone. It’s sad how people attacked him for it, called him disgusting and such,” said Flores.

By Saturday, a day after the punch, The Daily Stormer blared: “Antifa Who Attacked Spencer Confirmed to be Poop-Eating Cuckold Slave?”

Here’s the explanation from Andrew Anglin, The Daily Stormer founder who has been in the news for directing an online mob to intimidate a Jewish family in Whitefish, Montana, simply for living in the same town as Richard Spencer.

“There is no guaranteed confirmation as of yet—there probably will be soon—but this info comes straight from /pol/, whom I have been told is always right,” Anglin said.

Not quite.

Right on cue, 4chan users began to reverse course. Some of them had been stalking Facebook pages of Bailey’s family members. They kept seeing posts referring to Bailey in the past tense. A few of his friends and family kept commemorating the anniversary of his death. Bailey’s Twitter account hadn’t posted anything since 2015.

“The guy died months ago,” one /pol/ user posted.

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