African Leaders Are Masters At ‘Post-Truth’ Politics –

African Leaders Are Masters At ‘Post-Truth’ Politics –

By William Gumede

“Post-truth” politics may have recently trended, but since independence from colonialism African leaders have been the most adroit exponents of manipulating the truth, distorting facts and fashioning alternative realities to cover-up their failures, to enrich themselves and stay in power.In fact, African post-independence leaders have been masters in an appeal to popular emotions, perceptions and myths to drum up continued mass support.

President Jacob Zuma has for long been one of the masters of the “post-truth” politics genre, appealing to emotions, historical beliefs and perceptions of supporters, rather than on facts.

The Economist magazine described “post-truth” politics as a “reliance on assertions that “feel true” but have no basis in fact. The term “post-truth politics” were originally formulated by David Roberts in 2010.

African post-independence governments and leaders either wholly distort the truth and facts, use partial truths and facts or manipulate historical beliefs, fears and perceptions of their citizens.

Often indigenous communities of former African colonies share a set of pre-existing beliefs, experiences and perceptions about former colonial powers, former settler communities and institut

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