Campuses Wrestle With Wave of Hate-Based Incidents Since Election – Rewire

Campuses Wrestle With Wave of Hate-Based Incidents Since Election – Rewire – A psychology major with a minor in women and gender studies at Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts, Botelho told Rewire that she has witnessed “anti-Semitic slurs, swastikas, as well as threats and slurs targeted towards students of color and LGBTQIA students” on campus.

In an email, Botelho said that during the 2016 election someone wrote, “When Trump wins, I will kill all of you T****ys” on her dorm building board; the private bathroom she was offered had “tranny bathroom” scribbled on the wall; and a table in her building was confiscated after it was found vandalized with, “We hate gays, sign if you agree,” allegedly signed by several student athletes and a member of the student government.

Responding to a rash of hate-based incidents in December, a Curry College spokesperson said ten incidents of “bias-related graffiti” targeting groups based on race, religion, gender identity, and sexual orientation were reported since September, The Patriot Ledger reported at that time. This is not typical for the Massachusetts college, the Ledger noted, as it saw just three hate crimes on campus for the 2014 school year and two for the previous school year.

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