Black women saved me from being a hotep – AFROPUNK

Black women saved me from being a hotep – AFROPUNK – By Terrance Thomas, AFROPUNK Contributor

And that’s not to say that there isn’t a conglomerate of old pasty white men who are working feverishly to dominate the world. Because those motherfuckers exist. I just don’t think they’re sacrificing babies on pentagrams and using music to influence the masses and shit.

As I’m sure you can tell by now, I was very impressionable.

So, naturally, when niggas on Twitter told me that I was a Black Hebrew Israelite, I believed them too. Now, a nigga wasn’t one of those Israelites who stands on the corners of busy intersections yelling ignorantly out of megaphones- reminding every passing parishioner that white Jesus ain’t shit and niggas are the real Jews.

But a nigga did have a YouTube playlist that featured some of the most Afrauxcentric, problematic, misogynistic circle jerk niggas who claim to be doctors without a single dissertation between any of them. But all of them had the same ashy-harmonious, “the white man stole Kemet and created feminism, Planned Parenthood, and hair weave” head-ass talking points. All of which allegedly destroyed the fabric of the black family.

Go figure.

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