Garvey’s Ghost: Black Talk: The Real Reason Black Kids are Failing In School

Garvey’s Ghost: Black Talk: The Real Reason Black Kids are Failing In School – Indeed it IS insubordination for a student to refuse to comply with an adult’s instruction. This used to be something understood by black people. Used to be called “respecting your elders”. If a teachers says, move to x,y or z location, you go to x,y or z location whether you liked it or not. I don’t want the black teacher who wrote this to be anywhere near my children and you shouldn’t either.

And while I agree that there are completely ridiculous calls for police for things that shouldn’t even be seen as bad behavior such as male child making a gun with his fingers. As many reports can be seen, the behaviors that are precipitating police calls are often straight up violence directed not only at other students but against teachers.

Part of the purpose of teachers is to get students to understand submission to authority. This is supposed to enhance this lesson from the home. When a student is disrespectful of a teacher, it is to be considered disrespect to the parents as well. I know when I was growing up, there was no way I could disrespect a teacher and expect my mother to defend my disrespectful behavior (which is something we see in schools now).

I recently saw a discussion where an African-American was complaining about all the Africans being recruited to colleges with a corresponding drop in “slave ship” black enrollment. One of the major reasons for this is simply that African and Caribbean blacks generally still have the cultural “don’t shame us with your behavior” rules intact. This leads to greater scholastic achievement among these groups. Maybe African-Americans need to get off the Black Lives Matter wagon and get on the “why didn’t you do what you were told?” wagon.

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