Libya: Black African migrants face ‘slave markets’

Libya: Black African migrants face ‘slave markets’ | CounterVortex – SC described being “bought” and then being brought to his first “prison,” a private home where more than 100 migrants were held against their will. He said the captors made the migrants call their families back home, and were often beaten while on the phone so their family members could hear them being tortured. In order to be released from this first house, SC was told to pay 300,000 CFA (about $480), which he couldn’t raise. He was then “bought” by another Libyan, who brought him to a bigger house—where a new price was set for his release: 600,000 CFA (about $970), to be paid via Western Union or Money Gram to a contact in Ghana.

SC managed to get some money from his family via mobile phone and then agreed to work as an interpreter for the kidnappers, to avoid further beatings. He described dreadful sanitary conditions, and food offered only once per day. Some migrants who couldn’t pay were reportedly killed, or left to starve.

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