Sister Barbara Kentner, Victim of Anti-First Nations Hate Crime


Trailer hitch thrown in assault of First Nations woman in Thunder Bay, Ont. – Thunder Bay – CBC News – The incident is being investigated as an assault with a weapon, according to a police news release issued on Tuesday.

Barbara Kentner, 34, required surgery after being hit in the stomach by the trailer hitch shortly after 1 a.m. on Sunday morning, according to Kentner’s sister, Melissa Kentner, who witnessed the incident.

The passenger in the car yelled, ‘Oh, I got one,’ after throwing the hitch at the sisters who were walking on McKenzie Street between Dease and Cameron streets, Melissa Kentner told CBC News on Monday.

Several First Nations youth who testified last year at an inquest into the deaths of their peers said they have often had things such as eggs or garbage thrown at them while walking on the streets of Thunder Bay.

First Nations woman hit by trailer hitch unlikely to survive injuries, sister says – Thunder Bay – CBC News – “Her belly always fills with fluid and it’s attacking her kidneys,” Melissa Kentner said. “Now those are failing.”

There’s little more that doctors can do to save her sister, she said, and Barbara left hospital on Friday so that she could be with her family at home.

“She is going to die from this thing that happened to her,” Melissa Kentner said. “No one should ever have to go through it.”

An 18-year-old man was charged with aggravated assault relating to the incident.

Trailer-hitch attack on First Nations woman called ‘hate crime’ | Toronto Star – She said she and her sister were walking together in a residential neighbourhood of Thunder Bay early in the morning on Jan. 29 when a car drove towards them and a blond passenger wearing a plaid shirt and a baseball cap hurled something in their direction.

Barbara, 34, was hit in the abdomen with a metal trailer hitch and Melissa, 37, says she heard someone in the car say, “I (expletive) got one of them.”

“It came from the passenger side,” Melissa said in a phone interview from Thunder Bay.

Barbara required surgery for her injuries.

Melissa said Barbara’s body appears to be shutting down and she has been told by doctors that her liver and kidneys are shutting down.

“She looks like a skeleton,” Melissa said.

“She said, ‘I can feel it. I’m dying. It’s my body that’s giving up,’ ” Melissa said.

Man arrested after trailer hitch thrown at First Nations woman – Thunder Bay – CBC News – An 18-year-old man has been charged with aggravated assault after a First Nations woman was struck by a trailer hitch thrown from a passing car in Thunder Bay, Ont.

Police said the arrest was made on Saturday when the man turned himself in after being notified of the pending charge.

Barbara Kentner, the woman who was hospitalized after being struck by a trailer hitch last week, accepted hugs and greetings from a crowd gathered in her honour on Sunday night.

She made a brief appearance at the event before returning to a warm vehicle as the crowd of about 100 people walked from Patterson Park to the residential neighbourhood where Kentner was struck while walking home on Jan. 29.

The 34-year-old was released from hospital on Saturday, but her sister, Melissa Kentner, told CBC News, Barbara wanted to attend the event learning from the police that they’d made an arrest.

Solidarity walk planned for woman injured by trailer hitch thrown from car in Thunder Bay, Ont. – Thunder Bay – CBC News – “A lot of [Indigenous] people get hit with water bottles or eggs, but I could have lost my sister,” Kentner told Helen Mann of CBC Radio’s As it Happens, on Friday.

Kentner retrieved the steel trailer hitch ball and mount after the car drove off.

Barbara Kentner’s small intestines were ruptured when she was struck, according to her sister.

A spokesperson for Thunder Bay police said the alleged assault with the trailer hitch is not being investigated as a hate crime because there “were no comments made which made any reference to race or ethnicity.”

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