American Aboriginals and Pro-Colonialist Fascism

The Emergence of White Supremacy in Indian Country | The Modern [Afro-Indio] Times – Identifying himself as a “Nativenazi,” Weise found very little difference between 1930’s German eugenics and modern American as well as Native American racial prejudices. Anyone who doubts this should review the young man’s Internet postings on sites such as Spending untold hours daily online, Weise discovered a conduit for his discontent within the philosophy of Nazism, the ultimate cult of White supremacist ideology. And in spite of his Aboriginal pedigree, his commitment to National Socialism was so passionate that the racist, pro-European members of the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party allowed him to post threads on their website and referred to him affectionately as ‘Brother’.

If this seems bizarre to you, it really isn’t. In the often fluid philosophies of uber-nationalistic Eurocentric racists, such dichotomies are just par for the cou
rse in the murky world of White power politics. The international White power movement has undergone a reorganisation as of late in that the classification of Caucasian for these ethno-purists has expanded to include select Native and American Africans, most Arabs, many Castillian-Latinos and a few contrite, self-hating Jews who illogically subscribe to their basest philosophies. As LNSG head Steve Martinez remarked on

‘Weise participated in the forum in part because, unlike “white nationalist” or “white power” movements, the LNSG embraces all races as part of its vision of world nationalism. His statements on the site reflected a frustration with the populist politics and materialistic arrogance of modern society’.

screen_2017-03-24_09-05-19.png Nazis actually considered Native Americans “Aryan”? – Hitler and the Nazis’ reason for naming Natives as “honorary Aryans” had nothing to do with any Nazi officer’s claims as far as I know. It had to do with his love of Karl May novels. Kenneth Townsend wrote a chapter on the subject in American Indians in World II. (It’s not a very good book otherwise.) The German American Bund and the Silver Shirts did ally themselves with the American Indian Federation, led by a Seneca woman, Alice Jemison. It’s still being debated if the AIF were naive, genuinely racist, or just using the Nazis to fund their efforts to stop FDR’s New Deal for Indians.

When it comes to strange German beliefs about NDNs, most can be traced back to May. The hero in May’s books had an NDN sidekick, Winnetou, a “Teutonized Indian”. The mistakes in his books are even worse than James Fenimore Cooper’s, such as showing Apaches living in pueblos. Only a few years ago, a German studio put out the film Winnetou, a comedy mocking the May novels. A German activist for Native causes tells me that’s made their work that much harder. You say NDN and many Germans crack up laughing.

(To be fair, Germans aren’t the only Europeans with strange ideas about NDNs. Remind me to tell all of you about a speaking tour I did in Europe. People were coming to the speeches dressed in buckskin, asking questions about reincarnation. “Wrong kind of Indian” I kept telling them.)

New Order (Nazism) – Wikipedia – [Hitler’s plans for North America] – American pro-Nazi movements such as the Friends of the New Germany and the German-American Bund played no role in Hitler’s plans for the country, and received no financial or verbal support from Germany after 1935.[86] However, certain Native American advocate groups, such as the fascist-leaning American Indian Federation, were to be used to undermine the Roosevelt administration from within by means of propaganda.[87][88] In addition, the Nazis considered the Sioux, and by extension all Native Americans to be Aryans,[87] a theory echoed in the sympathetic portrayal of the Natives in German westerns of the 1930s such as Der Kaiser von Kalifornien. Nazi propagandists went as far as declaring that Germany would return expropriated land to the Indians, while Goebbels predicted they possessed little loyalty to America and would rather rebel than fight against Germany.[87] As a boy, Hitler had been an enthusiastic reader of Karl May westerns[9] and he told Albert Speer that he still turned to them for inspiration as an adult when he was in a tight spot;[89] the Karl May westerns contained highly sympathetic portrayals of American Indians.

The_strange_case_of_the_Northw2017-03-24_09-18-26.pngThe strange case of the Northwest’s Native American Nazi – In the history of Nazism in the Pacific Northwest, few figures stand out so incongruously as Chief Red Cloud, who was in reality the invented persona of a Native American attorney based in Portland named Elwood A. Towner. In the 1930s and ‘40s he traveled to Seattle, Spokane, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Washington, DC, Alaska, Mexico, and Canada and elsewhere, spreading the word about the threat Communism and Jews posed to America and the American Indian.

Towner was a regular attendee of Portland’s weekly German-American Bund meetings, an organization embraced by the Third Reich as the hub of America’s Nazi movement. He was admired by domestic fascists like William Dudley Pelley, whose Silver Shirt Legion sought to be the same for middle- and working-class “Aryan” Americans.
Elwood A. Towner, also known as “Chief Red Cloud”, wearing a Native American headdress and a swastika armband.

In 1939, an editorial in The New Republic titled “Red Indians, Brown Shirts” warned that Towner was “trying to mold Indians into good storm-troopers for use in a ‘future emergency.’”

That same year, Towner attended a Bund meeting in Portland where, according to an informant feeding information to the local Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, he said that “when it was all over the Jews, etc. would be in concentration camps surrounded by barbed wire and with Indians on guard. He said the Indians would find an excuse to see that all Jews were killed and the country and the world would be a lot cleaner.”

In another speech, Towner said the Jews were “chuck-na-gin,” which he claimed was an American Indian term for “children of Satan.”


Growing up, Hitler was a large fan of Karl May, a popular author of fictional tales about the American West. Tales of the American West were very popular among young boys in Germany and Austria and one of Hitler’s favorite game to play outside was “cowboys and indians.” Hitler read, and reread the books of Karl May. In particular, he was a fan of May’s invented hero “Old Shatterhand,” who always won his battles against the Native Americans. Hitler read every single one of May’s books about Old Shatterhand, which totaled to more than 70 novels. He continued to read them even as Führer. During the German attack on the Soviet Union he sometimes referred to the Russians as Redskins and ordered his officers to carry May’s books about fighting.

Yet Hitler wasn’t just inspired by fiction. Hitler’s model for his empire was America. He owed much of his study and implementation of concentration camps, so he claimed, to the study of U.S. and English history. Hitler was intrigued and inspired by the complete genocide of indigenous people that took place on the American landscape in the 19th century, and the “taming of the west” in this era. He admired the camps for Boer prisoners in South Africa and for the Indians in the wild west; and often praised to his inner circle the efficiency of America’s extermination—by starvation and uneven combat—of the “red savages” who could not be tamed by captivity.

He greatly admired America’s policy of forced deportations of local inhabitants and their replacements by European immigrants. The very fact that he named his train “America” is a testament to his admiration. Hitler sought to duplicate America’s model of expansion on a far larger scale using far more specific concepts of racial and eugenic thinking. Hitler sought nothing less than a racial and demographic revolution in Europe, where the racial and genetic structure of Europe’s population would be rearranged forever by means of a huge empire in the east where the “Aryan” blood of Europe would expand its share of Europe’s population.

Hitler never significantly altered the global geopolitical vision that he outlined in Mein Kampf. Throughout the 1930s, in fact, Hitler and his representatives attempted numerous diplomatic maneuvers, before resorting to war, that were intended to give Germany a free hand in Eastern Europe. These maneuvers included attempts to form an agreement between Great Britain and Germany, in an effort to keep Britain out of a future German-Soviet conflict.

Hitler Quotes About the Genocide and Removal of the American Indian

There is only one task: Germanization through the introduction of Germans [to the area] and to treat the original inhabitants like Indians. … I intend to stay this course with ice-cold determination. I feel myself to be the executor of the will of History. What people think of me at present is all of no consequence. Never have I heard a German who has bread to eat express concern that the ground where the grain was grown had to be conquered by the sword. We eat Canadian wheat and never think of the Indians [2].”

Himmler’s Quote About Turning Ukraine into the “California of Europe”

“Without end, the steppes of the Russian area extend [to] eastern Europe. Abrupt and sudden is the difference between the cultural levels of central Europe and the gigantic districts [to the east]. And yet, on both sides of the frontier there is the same soil, but not the same people. Only man alone is able to impress his stamp upon the country. Therefore, on the one side the well ordered fertility, planned harmony of fields and carefully designed villages of Germany, and on the other side the zones of an impenetrable jungle, of the steppes, of never ending primeval forests, where silting rivers painfully cut their ways.

Badly exploited, fertile soil of black earth that could be a paradise, a California of Europe, and in reality abandoned, dreadfully neglected, branded with the stamp of a crime against culture beyond imagination even today, is a perpetual accusation against the sub-human and his rule.

Ugly Precursor to Auschwitz: Hitler Said to Have Been Inspired by U.S. Indian Reservation System – Indian Country Media Network – Now, of course, it is not in the best national interest of the U.S. to recognize such a realization as presented by Toland. As I’ve said time and again, you cannot be the greatest nation in the world if you’re guilty of genocide – and especially if your country’s policies were the inspiration that engineered one of the world’s most devastating genocides.

And, of course, the evidence is readily available to those who’d seek it that European settlers (i.e. invaders who would later divorce themselves from their motherland, renaming each other “Americans”) did, in fact, set into motion a detailed template – justifications (Divine Right), policies (Indian Removal), procedures (Wounded Knee) – for Hitler to follow.

Now, of course people are wont to argue that plague and disease killed Native Americans in great numbers, which is true – Native Americans did die in mass numbers as a result of European pestilences and our biological inability to fight off these foreign microbes. But that argument inherently ignores the well-documented extermination policies set forth by the United States.

In fact, President Thomas Jefferson himself famously said (well, famous throughout Native America) that the “(American Indian has) justified (their own) extermination.” And it was George Washington who thought the only way to kill Native Americans was to rage war on their crops.


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