AntiFa: Marseille: antifascist militant attacked in front of his home.

aboriginalwriter-wordpress-com_2016-10-21_17-11-28The 20th of march, H, member of Antifa Marseille, arrived at his home, were two individuals were waiting for him. They attacked him with a knife and probably a baton. H. Was slashed two times and stabbed three times.
Despite the attack, our comrade is in good health and his morale is fine. During the aggression, the attackers called him ‘filthy red’ which says a lot for their motives. Lately, H. has been targeted by several right-wing sites, who published his name, adress and where he works, accompanied by incitements to action.
These methods of intimidation don’t discourage us, on the contrary, they motivate us even more in our struggle against the far-right and for social justice.
To those who share our values: we’ll see you the 19th of april, for a protest against a meeting of the Front National in Marseille.
Marseille is and will stay antifascist, multicultural and popular.
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