Hoover Shrugged: Ayn Rand’s one-sided love affair with the FBI

Hoover_Shrugged_Ayn_Rand_s_one2017-03-05_12-53-48.pngHoover Shrugged: Ayn Rand’s one-sided love affair with the FBI – However, after an article came out in the Saturday Evening Post in which Hoover described himself as an “objectivist,” Rand wanted to take her relationship with the Bureau to the next level. She wrote the Director, asking if this was a reference to her personal philosophy of Objectivism, and if they could meet to “discuss a personal political problem.”

An inquiry was immediately launched – what had Hoover actually said? What is objectivism, anyway? Should the Director meet with Rand?

In regards to the first question, a clipping of the article in question showed that the Director had described himself as “objectivist,” but he had simply meant it as a reference to his self-avowed apoliticism.


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