Student Says N-words ‘All Need to Go Back to Africa’

Student Says N-words ‘All Need to Go Back to Africa’ – [arkansasmatters] – They said a Snapchat video put a damper on the day.

According to parents, racial slurs, such as “I will kill all n——,” have been popping up around school recently, but one student took it too far during the celebration.

Parents said the student posted a video of the crowd at the high school’s celebration on Snapchat, saying, “Look at all these n——-. They all need to go back to Africa.”

The video forced one alum of the high school, whose family members now go there, to take action.

“Black folks can’t be denied their heritage,” wrote Earl Deshon Turner Atkins in a Facebook post. “And we won’t be denied of it either through racial indifferences.”

Atkins denounced the student’s actions, which didn’t go unnoticed.

“Several students began talking about that it was causing problems in the classrooms,” Atkins said.

The video was removed, but Atkins said not before it made its rounds to students, parents and eventually faculty members.

“The England High School principal and superintendent basically swept it under the rug and didn’t take the proper disciplinary actions to the student that caused all this uproar,” Atkins said.

That’s why Atkins turned to Facebook, his post getting hundreds of shares and likes. Then he said Facebook took it down.

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