muckrock: Looking back at Malcolm X’s FBI file on his 90th birthday

Looking_back_at_Malcolm_X_s_FB2017-02-24_12-22-26.pngLooking back at Malcolm X’s FBI file on his 90th birthday – The primary operators are b1 (which prevents disclosure of information specifically exempted by Executive order), b2 (which veils “internal personnel rules and practices of an agency), and two flavors of the b7 law enforcement exemption — (c), excluding materials that would betray privacy in an investigation, and (d), which protects the identities of confidential sources.

MuckRock will be challenging these withholdings — surely it must be safe to disclose some of those secrets so many decades after the fact. The bits that are available, however, contain a bevy of national surveillance and media mentions.

Beginning in the early 1950s, the Detroit office of the FBI began keeping tabs on Malcolm, a self-proclaimed Communist and member the Muslim Cult of Islam.

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