Anne Frank Center Unimpressed by Trump’s “Band-Aid on the Cancer of Anti-Semitism” Statement | Mother Jones

uaf-org-uk_2016-12-24_21-53-49Anne Frank Center Unimpressed by Trump’s “Band-Aid on the Cancer of Anti-Semitism” Statement | Mother Jones

“When President Trump responds to anti-Semitism proactively and in real time, and without pleas and pressure, that’s when we’ll be able to say this President has turned a corner,” a statement from the center on Tuesday said. “This is not that moment.”

White House press secretary Sean Spicer expressed disappointment in the center’s statement, saying he wished the organization would instead “praise” the president for his leadership. Shortly after, the Anne Frank Center fired back on social media:

Trump’s remarks on Tuesday come less than a week after his chaotic press conference, in which he angrily dismissed a Jewish reporter’s question concerning the uptick in anti-Semitic attacks.

“Not a fair question,” Trump responded, before ordering the reporter from Ami Magazine, Jake Turx, to take his seat. He then defended himself as the “least anti-Semitic” and “least racist person.”

Nazis Quite Pleased With President Steve Bannon’s Holocaust Denial On ‘Holocaust Remembrance Day’  [Wonkette] — On Friday, we noted that, for the first time since Holocaust Remembrance Day became a thing, the White House accidentally forgot to include “Jews” in its statement.

This, it turns out, wasn’t quite an accident.

It’s just that how can you mention “Jews” dying in the Holocaust if you’re not going to mention everybody. What do they think they are, “chosen”??? Chuck Todd decided to ask Reince Priebus, the White House Chief of Staff.

“Mr. Priebus, do you understand why many Jews were offended by the White House’s decision not to note that the Holocaust was about eradicating the Jews?” he asked.

“Well, I recognize in fact obviously that that was what the Holocaust was about, and it’s a horrible event, and obviously a miserable time in history that we remember here at the White House and certainly will never forget the Jewish people that suffered in World War II and obviously still incredible wounds that remain and a time in history that was of great incredible horrific magnitude and everyone’s heart here is impacted by the memory of that terrible time,” Priebus said. “And so, for the record, that’s the case and certainly we don’t mean any ill will to anybody.”

“Do you regret, does the President regret not—do you regret the statement?” Todd asked.

“I don’t know about regret. No, there’s no—” Priebus began.

Trump Adviser Joseph Schmitz Accused of Anti-Semitism – The Daily Beast – Allegations of anti-Semitism and Holocaust diminishment have emerged against one of Donald Trump’s foreign-policy advisers. According to complaints leveled by former colleagues, former Department of Defense inspector general Joseph Schlitz bragged about firing Jewish employees and questioned whether the Holocaust could have killed as many Jewish people as widely reported. “His summary of his tenure’s achievement reported as ‘…I fired the Jews,’ ” wrote Daniel Meyer, a former IG colleague of Schlitz’s, in a complaint obtained by McClatchy DC. “In his final days, he allegedly lectured [former top Pentagon official John] Crane on the details of concentration camps and how the ovens were too small to kill 6 million Jews.” Schmitz has adamantly denied ever being accused of such anti-Semitism, but three ex-colleagues have cited his controversial remarks, including one person who has testified under oath about them.

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