Man Claims to Be Assassin for Duterte; CNN Transcripts – Transcripts


HOWELL: In that interview with the CNN Philippines on Thursday, Mr. Duterte implied that he was just playing with the media with his claims about violence but a man who once said that he worked for the Philippine president insists that it is no joke.

ALLEN: He says he was part of a death squad and killed on Mr. Duterte’s orders.

Our Will Ripley has more in this CNN exclusive. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE)

WILL RIPLEY, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Edgar Matobato says he and Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte have something in common: they both have blood on their hands.

“I want him to say pay for what he did, for the many killings he ordered,” he says.

“If we bring back the death penalty, I hope Duterte is the first to hang and then I will follow.”

Decades before the president took his bloody war on drugs nationwide, Matobato says he was part of a group in known in the Philippines as the Davao death squad. A 2008 U.N. investigation found the shadowy band of assassins was committing hundreds of murders in Davao, targeting street children and criminals, all during Duterte’s decades- long run as the southern city’s gun-toting, crime-fighting mayor, beginning in 1988.

“I personally killed around 50 people,” Matobato says.

He shows us a journal with names and dates of some of his victims, written by his wife because he cannot read or write. Matobato also showed his Davao City ID. He says he was a ghost employee, earning just $100 a month, to murder —


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