New Perspective on King Assassination – WhoWhatWhy

New Perspective on King Assassination – WhoWhatWhy – According to his obituary, after leaving the military, Gale went on to join, head or found some key extreme right-wing entities, including the paramilitary wing of the Christian Defense League. The book situates Gale, who believed Dr. King controlled by a satanic Jewish conspiracy, in the middle of a group of far right, religious extremists along with JB Stoner and the Venable family, a major familial link to the southern Klan. But first, he was an aide to General Douglas MacArthur in the Philippines during World War II, serving as an intelligence officer. The head of intelligence for MacArthur in several theaters, including the Philippines and later Korea, was Col. (later General) Charles Willoughby. He is a somewhat mysterious figure, thought to have been born in Germany and to have changed his name in America. Before the war, Willoughby was a public sympathizer of both Mussolini and Franco. He was given an award by Mussolini’s government in the 1920s — the order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus. During the Second World War, he was investigated for pro-Nazi sympathies. MacArthur affectionately called him “my little fascist.” Willoughby’s loyalties and calculations were always suspect; he faced heavy criticism by other military leaders (and the author David Halberstam) for poor intelligence preparations during the Yalu River debacle in Korea.

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