This is how you become a white supremacist – The Washington Post

aboriginalwriter-wordpress-com_2016-10-21_17-11-28This is how you become a white supremacist – The Washington Post – I spent seven years as a leader of hate groups, perpetrating wanton violence against innocent people and twisting the minds of other hurt white kids to do even worse. We would comb the city, looking for the “anti-racist skinheads” and beating up whoever we could find. Though we did attack people because of skin color or suspected sexual orientation, we most often attacked random white people, claiming after the fact that they were race-traitors. Aside from trips to Chicago and Minneapolis to brawl with their anti-racists, the bulk of the violence we committed was relatively spontaneous. We had a tendency to start assaulting each other if we didn’t go on a manhunt.

At our most organized point, the group had weekly meetings at which the many threats we faced were lamented and our dedication to eliminating our enemies was sworn. By enemies, I mean everyone except violent, racist white people. Jews were seen as the masterminds of an ongoing genocide against the white race. “Non-white” people were seen as lazy, stupid savages that the Jews kept integrating into white society to destroy it. White people who weren’t violent racists were seen as the greatest enemies of all: race-traitors complicit in our destruction.

This sick mindset was constantly reinforced with racist music and literature. Any sort of media that didn’t support white supremacist ideology was forbidden. The resulting intellectual and spiritual isolation made fertile ground for hate and violence.

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