He Can’t Be a Leader After He Married #Jewish Woman

Alt-Right Podcaster ‘Understands’ He Can’t Be a Leader After Revelation He Married Jewish Woman – The Daily Beast -“My wife is Jewish, OK, that’s the fact of the matter,” Peinovich said in a segment which aired on Wednesday. “There’s no hiding from it. Everybody knows now. And I understand that there’s people who can’t have me as leader. I hope that they can have me as a podcast host.” Since his identity was revealed, Peinovich first denied the claims and then decided to face the music as it remained unclear just who was actually responsible for this revelation. The post that revealed Peinovich’s identity, which has since been taken down, was published by an account named “counter countersignal.” It leaked Peinovich’s address, work details, and phone number and made the claims about the identity of his spouse. Shortly after the article went up, Peinovich emailed The Daily Beast and dismissed the purported facts of the piece.


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  1. This is a perfect example of the shit storm these confused, punch drunk, self important, underhanded, confused, dazed and amused lil hitlers. And btw, hitler wouldn’t spit down most of these so called Europeans throats if they were dying of thirst.

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