Mario Balotelli racially abused at football match | France News

eu.startpage.com_2017-01-21_11-05-14.pngMario Balotelli racially abused at football match | France News | Al Jazeera – Balotelli on Saturday posted to Instagram the account of the racist taunting, as he decried the lack of direct action from official bodies.

Born to Ghanian immigrants to Italy, OGC Nice player Balotelli said: “Is it normal that Bastia [football team] supporters make monkey noise [and] ‘uh’ ‘uh’ for the whole game and no one of the ‘commissions discipline’ say nothing?”

Addressing Bastia fans, he said: “So is racism legal in France? Or only in Bastia? Football is an amazing sport. Those people like Bastia supporters make it horrible!”

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