Sis. Coretta Scott King exposed Jeff Sessions as a Major Bigot Years Ago.

Letter Written By MLK’s Widow That Blasted Jeff Sessions Is Missing – BuzzFeed News – The letter would become a key part of the case against Sessions, who would ultimately be defeated when his home state senator, the late Howell Heflin, shocked the Senate and voted against the confirmation. Judiciary Committee Chairman Strom Thurmond never put the letter into the congressional record, and its contents are largely unknown. But in the only line that has been made public — published in June 1986 by Knight Ridder reporter Aaron Epstein — King made clear her opposition to Sessions’ nomination. “For a century, the racial practices that characterized our region were established and enforced by men who, like Mr. Sessions, protested that they, too, were not personally hostile to blacks,” King’s letter said, according to Epstein’s dispatch. Now Sessions, who would go on to become Alabama’s attorney general before replacing Heflin in the Senate in 1997, is once again before the Senate for confirmation, this time as President-elect Donald Trump’s attorney general.

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