Afrikans on the Geechie Islands struggle for self-determination by Nkashama Sankofa

Afrikanz on the Geechie Islandz struggle for self-determination | Moorbey’z Blog – These Africans­––known as Geechie people by many­­––are the descendants of Africans from West and Central Africa who were enslaved and forced to work on the rice and indigo plantations on the islands off the coast of South Carolina, Georgia and northeast Florida during slavery. Their isolated location on these islands have sheltered them from much of the outside colonial influences. This allowed them to preserve much of our African culture through language, food, music and spirituality. The Africans on the Geechie Islands are in danger as they are under attack by money and land-grabbing corporations with the aid of the colonial State. The struggle is to keep the remaining islands from becoming like Hilton Head, SC and St. Simon’s Island, SC which used to be the home to generations of Africans but is now a vacation spot with hotels, condos and resorts. African people around the world must stand with our sisters and brothers and fight colonialism tooth and nail to prevent their displacement.

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