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This tired old bullshit again?  C’mon now, son.

aboriginalwriter-wordpress-com_2016-10-21_17-11-281) Any scientifically-valid study comparing and finding differences between the IQ of “white people” and “other races” is going to have to first off get around the problem of there being zero biological basis for race.  How would such a study determine in an objective, scientific way that its subjects were white or non-white?   There are no genetic markers that are found exclusively in one “race.”  Physical anthropologists (who study human variation & evolution) reject the notion of different human races as a scientific concept.  As anthropologist John Shea points out, “Race is folk taxonomy, not science. The variables used to organize it, such as skin color and hair texture, are arbitrary choices.”Basically, any “scientific” study purporting to “prove” biological differences between human “races” has to first explain how it classified its subjects into “races;” what the boundaries or parameters of those racial categories are; and how they can be measured and assessed in an objective, scientifically-valid fashion.  Good luck with that.

2)  The next challenge will be finding a way to measure or even define intelligence.  The notion of a single test or score that accurately measures “general intelligence” has been widely-denounced as ignoring cultural differences in how intelligence is even defined.  Recent research in the UK has shown that there is no such thing “general intelligence,” which therefore places the 112-year-old notion of “IQ” and “IQ testing” into much doubt.

3) Then there’s the question of how to test intelligence in a way that’s free of cultural bias.  Many psychologists now believe that it’s impossible to develop a test for intelligence that is free of cultural bias.  This becomes quite clear when comparing IQ scores of black & white Americans.  When you control for subject’s socio-economic status (meaning the scores of both groups are compared along class lines), the difference between the two groups shrinks by two thirds or more.  You also see the cultural bias when you compare IQ test scores between Catholic and Protestant children in Belfast (where the Catholic children had lower IQ scores) and in Scotland (where there was no difference in IQ test scores between Catholic and Protestant children).

4) Then there’s the a priori assumption you’re making that IQ is a genetic trait. But the latest research shows that IQ can only be partially-attributed to genetic inheritance – specifically only as much as 46% and as little as 34%, with the rest of one’s IQ being affected by things like socio-economic status, education, nutrition, and access to health care.  This is demonstrated by the correlation between a rise in income and a rise in IQ scores in several different countries.

If intelligence, as measured by IQ, was solely explained by genetics and race, then:

Why did Klans Eyferth’s study of German children with U.S. soldiers as biological fathers show that “mixed-race” children and “white” children score identically on IQ testing?

How do you explain the 17-point gap in IQ scores between East and West Germans – a gap that is wider than that between “black” and “white” Americans?

How do you deal with the findings that the IQ scores of children in Kenya are increasing at a rate that is 1/3 faster than the IQ scores of the Dutch or the Spanish?

Why do African-Americans today now score higher on IQ tests than white Americans did in 1945
?  Is it because “blacks” are becoming genetically superior at a faster rate than “whites?”

Bottom-line: Race is a figment of our collective imagination that holds about as much objective scientific validity as “Wednesday,” so trying to make claims about the scientifically-valid differences between “races” isn’t going to get you very far.  Intelligence has yet to be well-defined and certainly isn’t accurately measured by IQ tests, which are culturally-and-class-biased.

Insofar as IQ measures intelligence at all, it demonstrates that the majority of intelligence is derived from environment, not genetics.  The IQ of racialized people is increasing at a faster rate than that of “white” people, which either means that the socioeconomic conditions of racialized people are improving or that they are genetically evolving at a much faster rate than “white” folk, with measurable improvements in intelligence happening in just one generation.

If you’re still not convinced, we’d guess that you yourself wouldn’t score very well on an IQ test, but here’s some things you could have a smarter person read & explain to you:

Race & IQ, edited by Ashely Montagu

IQ & Human Intelligence by N.J. Mackintosh

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