Hsiao-Hung Pai :: Angry White People: Exposing and understanding the English Defence League’s racism

uaf-org-uk_2016-12-24_21-53-49Unite Against Fascism | Angry White People: Exposing and understanding the English Defence League’s racism – From Unity 15, May/June 2016. Email UAF to ask for printed copies info@uaf.org.uk Hsiao-Hung Pai’s new book Angry White People, exposes the racist, far right politics of the English Defence League (EDL) by talking to many of their members and former supporters. She spoke to Ken Olende about why she wrote it Many writers who deal with the English Defence League(EDL) are white men, who can think they are objective because they don’t stand out. Such a tactic was not available to Hsiao-Hung Pai, an investigative journalist originally from Taiwan. Inevitably part of her new book is about how people on the right react to her. “The interaction between me and them is an interesting starting point,” she said. “Also I wanted to talk about how people who are affected by racism and the far right see it. “If you are from a minority background it can be hard to get into that world. But I’ve always been curious. I still feel very much a foreigner. From that point of view and my own experience of racism. I have witnessed a lot of racism and that’s why I’m interested.” The book mixes sympathy with the alienation that many people who turn to the EDL feel with an absolute rejection of the racism they express. “I could feel empathy with the circumstances people were in,” Hsiao-Hung said. “As a migrant I’ve experienced some of that myself. But I drew a line when people start to express racist views.”

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