pambazuka: Black people can’t be racist

A man cannot hate the whip with which he is being flogged but then be expected to love the person doing the flogging. When such a black man, lying helpless bleeding on the ground expresses hate for the white person wielding the whip, it is only reasonable.

Many times, in the presence of whites, I have found myself in a position that no black person should ever find themselves in. After being accused of being a racist by liberals and conservatives, both black and white, I have found myself having to explain my existence as a black person and why the system does not favor a person of color.

Having said this, there are two things I want to address: First, I have lost patience continuously explaining what it means to be privileged to a white person and why black pain is valid. Second, I understand that black people have a right to voice out their pain. Their pain does not require validation from a white person to be considered real. If your arrogance as a white person is blinding you from seeing this, then it’s time you did some introspection. Do not be quick to jump on the “victim” bandwagon and accuse blacks of being racist. Black people can never be racist – we never had the tools or power to institutionalise racial oppression. So next time you as a white person want to accuse black people of reverse racism and insufficient anger – check yourself and your privilege.

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