Yes Virginia, Young White Racist Hipsters Really Are this Desperate and Confused

#BlackTwitterBlock: These White Nationalists Posing As Black People On Twitter Aren’t Fooling Anyone | Bossip – A couple of days ago we told you about white nationalists websites publishing how to infiltrate black twitter by creating fake accounts that are used to disseminate hateful messages. The belief is that these people will go undetected by black people on Twitter. Well…

#BlackTwitterVerificationQuestions Are Perfectly Hilarious For Spotting Twitter Imposters | Bossip – In case you missed it, news spread like wildfire that a white nationalist website had devised a plan to infiltrate “black twitter” by having people pose as black tweeters. They had a full proof plan to disrupt black movements with their tweets. Not to be fooled, black tweeters decided to concoct #BlackTwitterVerificationQuestions to ask before assuming someone is actually black.

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