wiredja.com: Congressional leaders pressure Obama to pardon Marcus Garvey


Congressional leaders pressure Obama to pardon Marcus Garvey – [wiredja.com] – In a statement today, the Congressional Representatives said “We believe that Marcus Garvey meets the criteria for a posthumous pardon, based on his efforts to secure the rights of people of African descent and the utter lack of merit to the charges on which he was convicted.” “His efforts to organize the African Diaspora across nations in support of freedom and self-determination were critical to the movements for independence in Africa and the Caribbean and to the Civil Rights Movement here in the United States,” the statement declared. “When Marcus Garvey formed the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League, most of the nations of the Caribbean were colonies of the British Empire, and African Americans in the United States – nearly forty years after the end of the Civil War – were effectively denied their human rights,” the congressmen pointed out. “Marcus Garvey offered to his people a different vision for the future and, even as we continue to work toward his dream, he would have been proud to witness our achievements. [Y.ZClarkeZandZMemberZMarcusZGarveyZPardonZLetter.pdf ]

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