UK: ‘New Hitler Youth’ threaten gun violence and Jewish genocide as they recruit online

I CARE – – News – Internet Centre Anti Racism Europe – As extremism grips Europe, young members of the UK far right are taking it in a more extreme direction than ever before 12/12/2016- Against a backdrop of patriotic flags, the audience has so far applauded politely as some of Britain’s most hardline far-right leaders detailed recent rallies. But even these hardened skinheads are left horrified as the 21-year-old launches into a disgusting hate rant, branding Jews “social vermin” who need to be “eradicated”, before declaring: “Hitler showed mercy to people who did not deserve mercy.” This is no isolated incident. The Sun can reveal vile Renshaw is just one of a fresh crop of young Nazi leaders — dubbed the “New Hitler Youth” — who have taken over Britain’s Far Right and wrenched it in an even more extreme direction. As well as openly promoting genocide, Renshaw and fellow leaders are building links with European racist groups and running a youth-focused recruitment drive attracting activists not yet into their teens. Following the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox by right-wing extremist Thomas Mair in June, the Government is so concerned about the rise of National Action (NA) that an official ban will be passed on the flagship group this week. Renshaw, who used to be a BNP Youth leader, is an NA spokesman. The Nazi outfit is the first far-right group to become a “proscribed organisation”, with membership punishable by up to ten years’ jail, the same as religious terror sects such as Islamic State and al-Qaeda. It is no surprise authorities are concerned. Government figures show some parts of Britain have more people with far-right links referred to anti-radicalisation programmes than Islamic extremism. More worryingly, 16 children under the age of ten were among almost 300 under-18s flagged up to counter-terror authorities over far-right concerns last year. A march in Liverpool just weeks after Renshaw’s speech at the seventh Yorkshire Forum in Leeds saw around 100 neo-Nazis performing Sieg Heil salutes before flinging paving stones, bottles and fireworks at onlookers and police. One officer was left badly concussed. Riot police eventually shut down the protest with the help of dog squads, making 48 arrests. Similar protests have taken place in Manchester, Newcastle and York in recent months. Even more seriously, NA member Zack Davies, 26, was last year jailed for life for attempting to behead an Asian dentist in Mold, North Wales, in a racially motivated attack. Alex Davies, 22, of Swansea, is a founder of NA. He boasts online how he has received an award for racist public speaking and confirmed that his group put up Nazi stickers which have appeared in the Midlands.

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