Walter Scott – Mistrial Declared

Mistrial Declared In The Case Of A Former Cop Who Shot And Killed Walter Scott – BuzzFeed News – The now-infamous video that captured the incident shows Slager firing his handgun multiple times, striking Scott in the back as he ran away following a traffic stop related to a broken brake light.
After around 22 hours of deliberations over four days, the jury — comprised of 11 white members and one black member — said Monday that it was unable to come to a unanimous decision. Earlier in the deliberations, a single juror said he would not vote for a conviction.
Judge Clifton Newman then declared the mistrial, and thanked the jurors for their “valiant efforts and hard work in trying to reach a unanimous verdict.”
He had earlier denied the defense’s motion for a mistrial on Monday.
Meanwhile, the prosecutor, Solicitor Scarlett Wilson, promised in a statement to try Slager again.
“We hope the federal and state courts will coordinate efforts regarding any future trial dates but we stand ready whenever the court calls,” Wilson added.
Scott’s Mother, Judy Scott, also said at a news conference that “it’s not over”.

Cenk Uygur ( host of The Young Turks discusses Michael T. Slager and his history of violence against black people.

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