Rep. Rush reveals startling details of Panther Party Assassinations – Gary/Chicago Crusader


Rep. Rush reveals startling details of Panther Party Assassinations – Gary/Chicago Crusader – It is a day Rep. Rush, who turned 70 on November 23, says he will always remember. At that time, Rush was coordinator of the Illinois Chapter and Executive Minister of Defense of the BPP. It was during the period of the FBI’s infamous and illegal 1960’s COINTELPRO spy program monitoring the Black liberation movement and its leaders.

“The FBI informant, William O’Neal, who sided with the FBI to raid Fred Hampton’s apartment, told the FBI” that Rush was supposed to be at the apartment at the time of the raid. “If I had been in that apartment, I would have been killed,” said Rush.

He was not in the apartment at the time of the execution because of the overcrowded conditions. “We had out-of-town Panthers who stayed in that apartment. Some of the others had their own homes in Chicago. There wasn’t enough room for all of us to sleep over all night. So, the FBI planned to kill everybody including me with the Chicago Police Department.”

Rush slept in his own apartment at 2030 S. State Street, which spared his life. The BPP had a plan when they suspected police raids. “There had been at least two raids earlier that year on the Panther headquarters. We developed a plan when we suspected a raid, the leadership would be put underground.

“They came to my apartment the very next morning armed with a warrant for my arrest,” Rush recalled. He followed the plan of going underground when they suspected a raid and that is what Rush did. “They missed me.”

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