Long live the spirit of Komrade W.L. Nolen | Moorbey’z Blog

eu.startpage.com_2016-11-30_15-04-35.pngLong live the spirit of Komrade W.L. Nolen | Moorbey’z Blog – For those who are not familiar with W.L. Nolen, this beautiful New Afrikan brotha was one of the founders of the Black Liberation Movement in the California Prison System, along with Comrade George Jackson. Comrade W.L. Nolen was instrumental in shaping and molding the exemplary model of undaunting resistance that many of us New Afrikans now find ourselves emulating today. W.L. Nolen grew up in the hard-knock streets of Oakland, California, and was the younger brother to Cornell Nolen, who, like his big brother, was a phenomenal prison boxing champion. Many considered W.L. the next Marvin Hagler in the making, as the comrade was that good with his hands. In the era of the 1960s and 1970s, the California Prison System was and remains mired in a cesspool of injustice fomented by a culture of institutional racism. Adding to this contradiction, was and is the multitude of Amerikkkanized offshoots (prisoners) who aided racist prison guards with terrorizing and attacking New Afrikan Black Prisoners – often gaining extremely favorable advantages, such as three or more racist lackeys (prisoners), given access to store-bought knives by prison guards, being let out on the tier for their recreational exercise period, where they would be allowed to attack the sole New Afrikan, also out on the tier for his recreational exercise time.

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