#AntiFa: KKK paper the ‘Crusader’ endorses Donald Trump for president


KKK paper the ‘Crusader’ endorses Donald Trump for president | MicKKK paper the ‘Crusader’ endorses Donald Trump for president | Mic – The Crusader, which is published by the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, devoted the entire front page of its current issue to a “lengthy defense of Trump’s message” under the banner “Make America Great Again,” the Washington Post reported.

Notably, the Crusader shares its name with another far-right entity recently in the news: a white nationalist group busted by the FBI in October for planning to blow up a mosque and apartment building inhabited in part by Somali refugees.

Trump has at times offered a mixed message on his support from the racist far right. When asked to disavow the KKK or its onetime leader David Duke in February, he pretended to know nothing about either and only later denounced him.

Barely News: KKK’s Official Newspaper Endorses Trump | National News | BET — While the Trump campaign responded by disavowing the endorsement, saying, “Mr. Trump and the campaign denounces hate in any form,” the last year, and Trump’s often xenophobic words while on the campaign trail have made it quite clear why Trump is such an attractive candidate for hate groups across the country.

This is not the first time Trump has been connected to the KKK, as former Imperial Wizard David Duke tweeted his support for the candidate during the Republican National Convention.

Donald Trump Finally Wins a Newspaper Endorsement – From the KKK – In the latest edition of the KKK’s official newspaper, “the Crusader,” the one with a picture of Donald Trump gracing the cover, the editors gave Donald J. Trump a “glowing endorsement” and support for his candidacy and promised that Trump is finally bringing about “a resurgence of white supremacy.” It is noteworthy that the KKK is second only to the Republican Party as America’s largest “de facto white identity organization.” It is only the past year that the GOP abandoned its typical electoral strategy of using subtle “dog whistles” to garner a majority of white racists’ votes and opted for overt white racism. Since that abandonment is primarily due to Donald Trump abandoning any pretense of “dog whistle” racism and bigotry, the Ku Klux Klan feels emboldened that one of their brethren is seeking the highest office in the land. Trump has given white supremacists a clear signal that “making America great again” means making America white and Christian; something the Founding Fathers opposed and the Constitution prohibits.

Ku Klux Klan Newspaper Joins Sheldon Adelson in Endorsing Donald Trump – Breaking News – Forward.com – Trump and his team have insisted that the candidate has no connection to the Klan or to white supremacists and has renounced their support. But he has repeatedly retweeted posts from white supremacist sites and was slow to repudiate the support of ex-Klan leader David Duke.

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