Scotland: Anti-racism group to set up after neo-Nazi gig ‘win’

Edit_Post_‹_The_Modern_[AfroIn2016-08-19_17-35-48I CARE – – News – Internet Centre Anti Racism Europe – 22/10/2016- The Hope Not Hate anti racism group is setting up a dedicated Scottish branch following a successful campaign to prevent a notorious neo-Nazi rock band playing north of the border. The Sunday Herald revealed last week that Bound for Glory, a US white power thrash metal outfit known for performing in front of giant swastikas, was due to play their first UK gig in Falkirk. But the organiser, who had attempted to keep the concert secret, cancelled the event citing “travel concerns” following protests led by campaign group Hope Not Hate, which included nearly 1,800 supporters in Scotland emailing their MPs to flag up their unease. In the wake of the huge outcry, Scotland’s Justice Secretary Michael Matheson also said he was “considering every option” to prevent the band visiting Scotland, including writing to the UK Home Secretary to ask her to deny the band entry to the UK. Now Nick Lowles, the founder of Hope Not Hate, has revealed plans to build on the support shown last week and set up an autonomous branch of the organisation in Scotland. A series of meetings will be held to discuss how this can be organised and what particular issues is should focus on north of the border. Lowles said: “It was clear to us there was concern about the gig and lots of our supporters wanted to do something, and it seemed an opportune moment to organise meetings in Scotland and find out from our supporters what they think we should be campaigning on. “What we want to do is set up an organisation in Scotland which runs itself and it has its own priorities. “For us, this seems like a good time to do this – hopefully we will get a steering committee of different supporters from different parts of Scotland who can meet and liaise with us in London and at the same time take a lead on the issues they think are important.”

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