Kansas House leader calls Hitler’s words ‘profound’ in Facebook post | The Wichita Eagle

Edit_Post_‹_The_Modern_[AfroIn2016-08-19_17-35-48Kansas House leader calls Hitler’s words ‘profound’ in Facebook post | The Wichita Eagle – “Great quote from Hitler in the video,” Speaker Pro Tem Peggy Mast, R-Emporia, the No. 3 Republican in the Kansas House, posted to her Facebook page Thursday morning. “Please listen to it closely. His words are profound! Let’s start using discernment.”

Mast, who is not seeking re-election, did not return phone calls. She did, however, take to social media to clarify her position.

She said in another Facebook post that her intent was to compare Planned Parenthood, the country’s largest reproductive health provider, to the Nazi leader and that she “was not in any way agreeing with Hitler’s words.”

Mast’s initial post did not contain a video. An hour later, she shared a link to an article from JulieRoys.com, a Christian blog. The article included a transcript and video of anti-abortion activist Gianna Jessen testifying before Congress about Planned Parenthood.

During her testimony, Jessen quoted Hitler on propaganda, contending that Planned Parenthood used techniques similar to those of the Nazis.

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