DNA Tests Are New Way for Online Racists to Prove How White They Are – Atlanta Black Star


DNA Tests Are New Way for Online Racists to Prove How White They Are – Atlanta Black Star – [Tanasia Kenney] Per an in-depth exposé by Vice, white nationalists from all over have been congregating on popular web forums like Reddit and 4chan to discuss their DNA results — with the hopes that they come back showing 100 percent European ancestry. Not to mention, some online trolls express pity on those who discover they have an ounce of anything other than European blood. “Oy vey. My ancestry dna results are back,” a user named “eagleshigh” posted on the forum Voat.com. According to Vice, the user’s DNA chart showed 7 percent African ancestry and 22 percent Native American ancestry. A fellow user commented below it, reassuring “eagleshigh” that there’s “… no way anyone’s lineage avoided rape. While there is no way to prove that, I am positive it’s true.” Another user told him he was “deffo mostly White” despite his traces of African and Native American ancestry. The motivation behind white nationalists wanting to explore their genetic histories is almost the complete opposite of why young Black Americans are testing their DNA. For the most part, there’s no paper trail for the descendants of enslaved Africans who were uprooted from their homeland and brought to America. So, genetic testing is the only means of gaining an understanding of where their ancestors came from. When traces of European ancestry pop up in African-Americans, however, it can be assumed that the phenomena was the result of white slave owners who regularly assaulted and raped their enslaved females workers, resulting in the birth of children.

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