/ Muslim Prisoner: 60-Day Punishment For NPR Interview ‘Excessive’

Muslim Prisoner: 60-Day Punishment For NPR Interview ‘Excessive’ – [] Hasan is a prisoner and spiritual leader on death row for a conviction related to the 1993 riot known as the Lucasville Uprising. Hasan has maintained his innocence and resisted the conditions of his confinement for three decades. The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation And Correction’s media policy generally prohibits phone interviews with prisoners and places strict regulations on media contact. But this policy has not been enforced against Hasan for much of the past decade. He has participated in numerous news stories and documentaries about the 1993 Lucasville Uprising. Hasan said he never saw the facility’s media rules until officials filed a conduct report against him. He has always understood that in-person interviews would be denied, and he and other prisoners have been a part of a lawsuit against the prison for this practice. But as he previously told Shadowproof, prison staff candidly discussed his phone interviews with him in the past after seeing them in the news or online. In fact, in some cases, he said they helped arrange phone interviews.

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