Pushed to the Left and Loving It: Stephen Harper’s Radical Roots With Paul Fromm

Edit_Post_‹_The_Modern_[AfroIn2016-08-19_17-35-48Pushed to the Left and Loving It: Stephen Harper’s Radical Roots With Paul Fromm – It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when Stephen Harper and Paul Fromm met, but by 1987 they were, if not friends, at least acquaintances with mutual friends. During the founding of the Reform Party, he played a fairly significant role by arranging to have author and journalist, Peter Brimelow, speak at their convention. As reward, Fromm was allowed to set up a table in the hall, where he distributed literature and sold memberships to his anti-immigration organization C-FAR. I’m going into Peter Brimelow’s story in a separate post, but his book Patriot Game: Canada and the Canadian Question Revisited, is said to have been one of the motivations behind the formation of the new party. After reading it, Harper and his buddy John Weissenberger, another Harper patronage appointment, were so enthralled with the book that they bought ten copies and gave them to friends. (Stephen Harper and the Future of Canada by William Johnson ISBN 0-7710 4350-3, 2005, Pg. 52) So when Paul Fromm said that he could get Brimelow to attend the convention, Harper must have been beside himself. Both Fromm and Brimelow were anti-immigration activists who supported each others organizations: C-Far for Fromm, V-Dare for Brimelow. The person who may have been instrumental in introducing Fromm to our current PM, was Leigh Smith, an early Reform Party member. “The Reform Party under the watchful eye of Preston Manning and Stephen Harper housed former Western Guard (an infamous Toronto-area hate group launched in the 1960’s) members like Leigh Smith, and Wolfgang Droege.”

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