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Video Shows Carolina Cop Violently Arrest Black Man For Sitting On His Porch | Huffington Post – City council voted unanimously Monday to permanently sanction Officer Travis Cole for using excessive force during the June arrest. The body camera footage shows Cole roughly throwing Dejuan Yourse to the floor of the porch and punching him as Yourse waited for his mom to come home and let him into the house, according to local news WREG. The council pushed for criminal charges against Cole, but the district attorney refused, saying he wouldn’t “rehash the same evidence,” the Greensboro News & Record reported. Cole and another officer approached Yourse’s house after they were dispatched to investigate a possible break-in on June 17.

Video shows cops trying to run over a mentally ill man with their car before shooting him 14 times – The video shows 51-year-old Joseph Mann, a homeless man who suffered from mental illness, repeatedly crossing the street to avoid the police vehicle. Meanwhile, cops appear to be attempting to use their car as a weapon against him. In the video, one officer can be heard saying, “fuck this guy.” The driver of the vehicle says, “I’m going to hit him” as another officer responds, “Okay. Go for it. Go for it.” The officers initially aim for Mann when he’s standing in the pedestrian crosswalk. As Mann runs towards the median divide, officers back up their car to try to hit him there. Once Mann makes his way to the other side of the street, officers get out of their vehicle and run after him past the median, saying they’re going to “get him.” They later fired 18 bullets, hitting Mann 14 times.

Dietrich High School: Investigation Finds White Football Players Raped Black Disabled Teammate With Hanger – KTVB reports that “Superintendent Benjamin Hardcastle and Principal Stephanie Shaw conducted 30 interviews with students, parents and coaches at the school and reviewed footage from a surveillance camera outside the locker room.” “We found evidence of misconduct among students that include sexual harassment, bullying behavior and sexual assault,” Hardcastle wrote in the documents. The Oct. 22, 2015, incident wasn’t the first time the victim had been assaulted by teammates John R.K. Howard, 18, and Tanner Ward, 17, according to his mother and the school’s investigation, but it was by far the worst. On that day, a third boy, age 15, who was unnamed in the documents, allegedly lured the victim in by asking for a hug. Once the victim moved closer, the boy grabbed him so that Tanner and Howard could rape him. Howard, considered the “ringleader” because it was reportedly his idea to rape the 18-year-old victim, kicked the coat hanger in multiple times. “The Plaintiff screamed and cried out but no staff member came to his assistance or even attempted to investigate the clamor from within the locker room,” said attorneys for the victim’s family.


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  1. I’m really feeling like I’m at the end of my rope with not enough left to tie a knot. There’s nothing left to be said about these situations and this puts us in a tight space. Either we continue to bow down and get murdered, harassed and molested or we take some kind of stand. Meeting violence with violence with is not ideal but it may be all that’s left. I for one will not stand by and watch cops have their way with people. And I will not make another snuff film for the obvious reactions.

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