Paul Robeson’s ECT at the Priory | ECT statistics

eu.ixquick-proxy.com_2016-09-19_07-29-41.pngPaul Robeson’s ECT at the Priory | ECT statistics – Paul spent nearly two years in the Priory Clinic, with occasional short visits home to the London flat where he lived with his wife Eslanda. It was his wife who organised his admission to the Priory and consented to ECT, his son not learning he had been given ECT until later. Eventually Eslanda was persuaded that the regime of ECT and heavy doses of drugs at the Priory were not doing any good; Paul was removed from the Priory and taken to a clinic in East Germany where he spent several months before returning to the United States in December 1963. Paul junior’s suspicions about his father’s treatment at the Priory were based both on the fact that his father received a large number of ECT treatments – 54 – and on the fact that his psychiatrist, Dr Brain Ackner, worked at the Maudsley Hospital. The CIA, as part of it’s MKULTRA programme, was funding experiments on the use of intensive ECT and drugs to wipe out memory at the Allan Memorial Institute of McGill University, Montreal, at the very time Paul Robeson was being treated in London. And they also gave funds to Hans Eysenck, a psychologist at the Maudsley Hospital.

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