Ferguson, MO: Protest Leader #DarrenSeals Found Shot, Burnt | Democracy Now!

Ferguson, MO: Protest Leader Darren Seals Found Shot, Burnt | Democracy Now! – Police in St. Louis say they’re investigating the death of Ferguson, Missouri, protest leader Darren Seals as a homicide. Seals’s charred body was found in the wreckage of his car on Tuesday, and investigators say he had been shot at least once. There’s no known motive in the killing. Seals led protests against the killing of unarmed African-American teenager Michael Brown after Brown was fatally shot by white police officer Darren Wilson in 2014.

Darren (King D.) Seals Explains How LGBT Black Lives Matter Took Over Ferguson Mike Brown Movement – YouTube

[Editor’s Note: I found the video above after a quick search on YouTube and after reviewing it found it vital to understanding the cultural and political separations that exist within the North American Black Liberation Movement. The opinions expressed are raw and presented without any editing. It is important to point out here that while the anti-LBGTQ bias used is (on its own merit) wholly reprehensible, it is vital to understand that the vast majority of what is being said is based on a (seriously) broad misunderstanding of the US political system; the base (and varied) history of the Black Civil Rights Movement and utter confusion about Homosexual issues and how they relate to any ethnic/cultural liberation effort. Further, the loose usage of ‘Gay’, ‘Faggot’ and ‘Punk’ as a is stupid, hateful as well as wrong-headed and is ignorantly being attributed to things/ideas/actions that are totally unrelated to LBGTO/African liberation matters at all.

Aside from this, much of what is said is on point and deserves a listen in terms of how mainstreamed Black Liberation Movements — such as #BlackLivesMatter — have actually become firstly, inconsequential and lastly, corruptible. Much of what Seals relays in terms of money collection and the management of those funds is most likely true. I can say that with authority because I have witnessed similar things occur within some of the political organisations I have worked with/for/alongside and on several occasions, I was swiftly ostracised for saying something about what I saw. Other observations about what is actually happening on the street in terms of (unplanned) Direct Action; White anti-racist activists employing ‘Black Bloc’ confrontation tactics and then running away, leaving Black activists to take the blame and the bare critiques mentioned about ‘professional activists’ such as DeRay Mckesson (mentioned) and the founders of #BlackLivesMatter are brusque but worth paying attention to in terms of Black Realpolitik.

What is most disturbing to me is the unabashedly right-wing tone and tremor of the entire discussion. A criticism likely to be scorned, but accurate nonetheless and completely evidenced from the use of the biases and language being used. The Homophobia throughout the discussion is rife, as is the illogical connection to #BlackLivesMatter as a ‘Gay Movement’ as if Homosexuals have never been a part of the struggle. Moreover, it goes to show — in stark terms — just how unprepared the US Black community is in terms of being on the same page in order for an authentic liberation movement to begin, much less take life as a viable entity with a sustainable future on par with other nations recognised by the international community.

Without concrete and responsible answers to the vital questions of what nationhood really means, saying ‘African Liberation’ becomes reduced to nothing more than a vicious code-word for arguing, ‘I’m Blacker than you are’.

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