White Supremacist Stabs Black Man To Avenge Police — ThinkProgress

Edit_Post_‹_The_Modern_[AfroIn2016-08-19_17-35-48.jpgWhite Supremacist Stabs Black Man To Avenge Police — ThinkProgress – The unidentified victim was standing outside a bar in downtown Olympia, smoking a cigarette with his white girlfriend, when the suspect ran up and stabbed him in the abdomen. The woman was also injured. The two survived — and were able to catch the perpetrator and report him to the authorities. The suspect had multiple racially-charged tattoos with phrases like “White Power” and “Skinhead,” and told police that he was downtown because word had spread about anti-police graffiti there. He claimed Black Lives Matter was responsible for the graffiti, even though law enforcement never confirmed that was the case. According to court documents filed after the incident, the suspect assured officers that he was acting on their behalf.

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