ibtimes.co.uk: Britain First banned from Luton and all mosques after police victory at High Court

AntiFa-mediaBritain First banned from Luton and all mosques after police victory at High Court – [ibtimes.co.uk] Activists for the anti-Islam group are also effectively subject to the ban, as leader Paul Golding, 34, and his deputy Jayda Fransen, 30, are even prohibited from directing their campaigners to the town. Golding told IBTimes UK the order was anti-democratic and accused the police of restricting the group’s rights as a registered political party. The injunction was granted to Bedfordshire Police on Thursday (11 August) after the force argued Britain First activists had caused “community tensions” with their activism in Luton. This includes its so-called “Christian patrols”, the most recent of which, in January, saw about a dozen activists involved in a stand-off with residents in Bury Park, Luton, after they marched down a high street handing out anti-Islam literature while carrying religious crosses. Assistant Chief Constable Mike Colbourne, of Bedfordshire Police, said applying for an injunction was “not a decision we take lightly” but added: “Luton is an incredibly diverse and vibrant town and we will not tolerate any individual who seeks to cause disharmony or provoke tensions within our communities. I would like to be clear that we would never seek to ban demonstrations or peaceful protest, however we have a duty to protect our communities and will always act in their best interests.”

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